Part 2 Phonetics, Grammar and Vocabulary

(第二部分 语音、语法和词汇)

Ⅱ. Choose the best answer(选择最恰当的答案)(共15分)

2018 崇明英语一模 26改编】26. Which of the following underlined parts is different in pronunciation from others?

A. medicine   

B. lift  

C. bright

D. city




2017 闵行英语二模 27改编】27. Kitty is _______honest girl. She never tells lies and we like her very much.

A. an            

B. a             

C. the        

D. /




2017 闵行英语二模28 改编】28. Some Chinese tourists lost _________lives in Malasin’s boat accident.

A. themselves         

B. them       

C. their       

D. theirs

【解析】该题考察固定搭配,lose one’s life 失去生命,所以选C



2017 徐汇英语二模30 改编】29. When Frank complained about the cold winter, Jane      the sunny summer days in Australia.  

A. enjoys        

B. was enjoying   

C. will enjoy   

D. has enjoyed




2017 闵行英语二模 30 改编】30. Look, there are so many ________on the farm in the countryside.

A. pig        

B. sheep            

C. horse      

D. duck                     




2017 闵行英语二模31 改编】31. All students must wear summer uniforms ________ September, early October, late April, May and June.

A. in           

B. by               

C. at         

D. on




2017 徐汇英语二模32 改编】32.    the end of yesterday, there had been more than 10 car accidents because of the typhoon.

A. To

B. From         

C. At         

D. By

【解析】考察介词和时态,By the end of yesterday 到昨天为止,后面用的是过去完成时,所以用By



2017 徐汇英语二模33 改编】33. The old       enjoy the convenience of technologies because they don’t accept new things quickly.

A. must       

B. needn’t       

C. can’t       

D. should




2017 闵行英语二模34 改编】34. _________interesting it is to welcome the first snow in the Year of the Dragon!

A. What         

B. How          

C. What a       

D. What an

【解析】考察感叹句,先找主谓it is,看主谓前只有一个形容词interesting,所以用how



2017 闵行英语二模35 改编】35. The young dancer from France looks ________in the long skirt.

A. happily       

B. gently           

C. beautifully    

D. lovely




2017 杨浦英语 31改编】36. The day I got my first job was_______ day of my life.


B. happier

C. happiest

D. the happiest




2017 黄埔英语二模 30改编】37.Jane took ______ look at her house at the moment she started her car.

  1. other

  2. others

  3. another

  4. the other




2017 崇明英语二模36 改编】38. Excuse me,______ can you tell me the way to the nearest post office?





【解析】该题考察连词,Excuse mebut...为习惯用法



2017 崇明英语二模37 改编39.Sarah was late for the concert ______her car broke down on the way.








2017 静安英语二模 41 改编】40. The news our football team lost an important game again made our fans       for hours.

  1. cried             


    C.to cry              


    【解析】该题考察非谓语make sb do sth,所以选C答案



2017 静安英语二模42 改编】41.The workers on the construction site are used to        at 5:30 in the morning.

  1. get up          

    B.got up             

    C.getting up           

    D.have got up

    【解析】考察非谓语,be used to doing sth 习惯于做某事,选C



2017 嘉定英语二模42 改编】42. Two free tickets for the concert______ if you follow its We chat public number.

  1. have offered   

    B. will be offered   

    C. will offer   

    D. have been offered




2017 嘉定英语二模41 改编】43. Betty is so excited that her new novel____ out in about two months.

  1. came   

  2. was coming   

  3. has come   

    D. will come

【解析】考察时态,in two month是一般将来时的标志词,所以选D



2017 宝山英语二模44 改编】44.A: You’ve got good grades in the test .Congratulations!


A.I agree with you

B. Thank you

C.I don’t think so  

D.You are welcome




2017 宝山英语二模45 改编】45. A:It is reported that a tourist bus crashed into a truck and many people died.


A.I doesn’t matter.   

B.I don’t think so.

C.I am sorry to hear that.

D.Are you kidding?




押题理由】 围绕基础知识展开的知识点,常见知识点考察


Ⅲ. Complete the following passage with the words or phrases in the box. Each can only be used once(将下列单词或词组填入空格,每个单词或词组只能天一次):(共5分)

A) education     Bsuccessful   C) actually    D) solution     E) once     


Who can help you? Maybe you think parents, teachers or others can help you. But   46   all these people only help you to help yourself.

There have been many great men in history. They had few people to help them. They could not get good   47  , either. But they tried their best to learn and never gave up. One famous teacher in England   48   told his students, “I cannot make you great men, but I can help you make men of yourselves.”

However, some young people don’t do anything and they depend on others. If these young people can see their weak points and change their ways, they can be   49 . They won’t be anything in the future unless they take the advice of their parents and teachers, and most importantly, depend on themselves.


A) all  B) centre C) spends D) including E) takes


One of the most interesting places to visit in Singapore is the bird park. It's located in the industrial area of Singapore, called Jurong (裕廊)- The bird park is about 12 kilometres from the   50   of the city and it's easy to get there by bus or taxi.

There are hundreds of beautiful birds from many different parts of the world,   51   penguins (企鹅), parrots, eagles and ostriches. The birds are kept in large cages. There's also a very large cage which you can walk inside to get a closer look at the birds. It   52   about two hours to see all the birds. You can walk around the park or ride on the bus. The best time to visit the park is in the early morning or late in the afternoon when the birds are   53   singing beautifully.

【答案】46-49 CAEB







中学生的成长不仅是身体方面的,精神的独立更重要。文章中通过讲解老师的教导 “天助自助者” ,引导学生不要总是依靠父母和老师,要靠自己的力量。



【答案】50-53 BDEA



51.空根据句意 “来自世界各地上百种漂亮的鸟,包括企鹅、鹦鹉、鹰和鸵鸟,故选D

52.空根据句意为 “花费大约两个小时看完所有的鸟”,It固定句型, 故选E






IV. Complete the sentences with the given words in their suitable forms. (用括号中所给单词的适当形式完成下列句子)(5分)

54.  Jack’s father and uncle are both _________. They help protect the city.(policeman)

55.  The weather report says it will________start to rain at noon, so remember to take your umbrella with you.(probable)

56.  It’s the ________ time for Hangzhou to host such an important meeting as G20.(one)

57.  It’s__________for Kate to be late for school as he lives near school.(usual)

58.  After dealing with that problem, the people lived there together in_______at last.(peaceful)

59. The local government is taking actions to stop ______ the river. (pollution)

60. Thousands of people have been made _____ because of the strong earthquake. (home)

61. Paul was ______ about the noise that made him unable to sleep last night. (happy)







【分析】It’s the first time to do sth.时固定句型 ,表示“...第一次做某事


【分析】It is +adj.+for sb. to do sth.是固定句型,表示对某人来说做某事是...


【分析】in peace 是固定搭配,表示和平地,平静地

  1. 答案polluting

       【分析】stop doing 是固定搭配,表示停止做某事


  1. 答案homeless



  1.  答案unhappy


    【押题理由】 根据句意,进行词性以及词意的转换



V. Complete the following sentence as required. (根据所给要求,改写下列句子) 10分)

62. (2015嘉定一模 62He had to confirm his plane ticket in two days in advance. (改为否定句)

   He ________ ______ to confirm his plane ticket in two days in advance.

【解析】have tohave为行为动词,此处时态为过去时,改为一般疑问句需借助助动词did

【答案】didn’t have

63. (2017 长宁二模 64) The trip to France and Italy cost the old couple a lot. (改为反意疑问句)

The trip to France and Italy cost the old couple a lot,_____ _____?

【解析】此处主语为the trip,动词cost为原形,可判定为过去时。

【答案】did it

64.(2017 徐汇二模 63) Sherlock Holmes became popular through a series of short stories.(对划线部分提问)

  __________ did Sherlock Holmes _________ popular?


【答案】How did

65.(2017 长宁一模 66). Short-term memory will hold about seven item of information at a time.(改为被动语态)

About seven item of information will________ ________ at a time by short-term memory.


【答案】be held

66. (2017 徐汇一模 66改编)Tony asks his mom.” How will we spend the Spring Festival?” (改为宾语从句)

  Tony asks his mom how________ _________ spend the Spring Festival.


【答案】they will

67.(2017 静安一模 65) The situation is so serious that we must do something to save the Earth.保持句意不变

The situation is                            for us to do something to save the Earth.

【解析】注意句意,易错写too serious 

【答案】serious enough

68.(2017 普陀一模 68) set off, I, early, to, fresh air, breathe, in the forest (连词成句)


【解析】找准主语I 和动词set off

【答案】I set off early to breathe fresh air in the forest.




Part 3  Reading and writing(第三部分  读写)

VI. Reading comprehension (阅读理解)

A. 根据文章把下列图片按发生先后顺序排列 (6)  

2018-2019年崇明区二模卷 改编Denson is a mechanic, but he lost his job a few months ago. He is kind and helpful, but always feared applying for a new job.

One day. He gathered up all his courage and decided to attend a job interview. His appointment was at10:00 am and it was already 8: 30. While waiting for a bus to the office where he was supposed to be interviewed, he saw an old man kicking the type of his car. Obviously, there was something wrong with the car. Denson immediately went up to lend a hand to him. When Denson finished repairing the car. the old man asked him how much he should pay for the service. Denson said there was no need to pay him and he just helped someone in need, and that he had to for an interview, Then the old man said. "Well, I could take you to the office It's the least I could do. Please, I insist. "Denson agreed.

when he arrived at his destinationDenson found a long line of applicants(求职人) waiting to be interviewed. Denson still hold some grease on his shirt after repairing the car, but he didn't think.

He had enough time to wash it of or change the shirt. One by one, the applicant office with disappointed looks on their faces. After a long time, Denson's name was finally call. The interviewer was sitting on a large chair facing the office window. Rocking the chair back and forth. He asked, Do you really need to be interviewed? Denson's heart sank. "Wearing such a dirty shirt. How could I possibly pass this interview? he thought to himself. Then the interviewer turned around the chair, and to Denson's surprise, it was the old man he helped earlier in the morning. It turned out that he was the general manager of the company. "Sorry I had to keep you waiting. but I was pretty sure I made the night decision to have you as a member of the company before you even stepped into the office. I just know you be a trustworthy worker. Congratulations!


69. The beginning of the passage tells us that Denson                .

A) got a new job a short time ago

B didn't want to be a mechanic any more

C) went to several job interviews

D) wasn't confident about finding a new job


70. What happened on Denson's way to the interview office?

A) Denson kicked the type of an old man’s car.

B) The bus didn't stop for him at the bus-stop

C)Denson helped an old man to repair his car

D)The old man told him how to get to the office


71. When the old man's car was able to work properly again,           .

A) the old man paid Denson for the service he provided

B) the old man offered Denson free ride to the company

C)Denson told the old man to pay someone in need

D)Denson rushed to the interview office by him


72 When Denson got to the interview office,            .

A) he found that he had to wait for the interview

B) he saw many applicants left office happily

C) there were few people waiting to be interviewed

D)Denson changed his shirt because it is very dirty.


73. When he was asked a question by the interviewer. Denson thought         .

A) he didn’t really need to be interviewed

B) he had been kept waiting for too long

C) the old man had made the right decision

D)he couldn’t possibly pass the interview


74. Which of the following might be the best title for the passage?

A) Practice makes perfect

B) Once good turn deserves another

C)All roads lead to Rome

D)One is never too old to learn

【答案】69-74 d c b a d b



根据“He is kind and helpful, but always feared applying for a new job.my little one”等推测出他不敢于去找工作。


根据“there was something wrong with the car. Denson immediately went up to lend a hand to him. When Denson finished repairing the car.”等得出他遇到一个老人车坏了就去帮忙修车了。


根据Then the old man said. "Well, I could take you to the office It's the least I could do. Please, I insist. "Denson agreed. 这句话得知老人开车载他去了公司。


根据when he arrived at his destinationDenson found a long line of applicants(求职人) waiting to be interviewed. 这句话得知他看见了许多人排着长队等待面试。


文中提到Denson's heart sank. "Wearing such a dirty shirt. How could I possibly pass this interview? he thought to himself. 可得治他觉得自己没有希望通过面试了。





B. Choose the words or expressions and complete the passage(选择最恰当的单词或词语完成短文)5分)

A few years ago the company I work for sent my wife and me to live in New York for a year. I’ve always loved jogging, so I was really happy when I found out our flat was next to Central Park. This 75      that every morning I could go for a run before I went to work.

    Because a lot of people had told me to be careful of thieves (窃贼)in the parkI didn’t usually take anything with me. What could they 76 from me if I didn’t have anything? But one morning my wife asked me to buy some 77     on the way home so I took a $ 10 note out of my wallet.

    While I was running through the park, another jogger into me. He said sorry and continued running. I thought it was a bit 78    — so I checked my pocket and found that the money was missing. I started to run after him right away. I finally caught him by his arm. I started shouting and told him to give me the $10. I’m not usually a 79      person but I really got very angry. This seemed to frighten (惊吓) him and he quickly put his hand in his pocket and gave me the money. Then he ran away as fast as he could.

I bought the bread and went home. As soon as I got there, I began to tell my wife my story. “ You won’t believe what happened to me ,” I 80     . She stopped me, “ I know. You left the money for the bread on the kitchen table.”

75.A.made        B. explained       C. meant       D. proved

76.A. hide        B.borrow         C. steal         D.receive

77.A.bumped     B.looked        C.turned         D.moved

78.A. crazy       B.natural          C.strange        D.rude

79.A.cold-heart   B.warm-heart    C.cool-headed    D.hot-headed

80.A. started      B.added           C.insisted        D.doubted

【答案】75-80 CCACDA


75. 考查动词。A. made使......B. explained解释;C.meant意味着;D. proved证明。附近有Central Park,这就意味着作者每天早上在上班前都可以去跑步。根据句意选C

76.考查动词。A.hide躲藏 B.borrow借来 C. steal 偷;D. receive 收到。如果我什么都不带,他们能从我这偷走什么呢?与上文的抢劫者呼应,故选C

77. 考查动词短语。A. bumped撞;B. looked看;C. turned转向;D. moved移动。作者在公园跑步,穿过公园的时候另一个人差点把我撞倒。固定短语bump into sb.撞到某人,故选A

78.考查形容词。A. crazy疯狂的;B.natural自然的;C.strange奇怪的;D.rude粗鲁的。我感觉事情有点奇怪,然后检查我的口袋,发现钱丢了。根据句意选C

79.考查形容词。A. cold-hearted无情的;B. warm-hearted热心的;C. cool-headed冷静的;D.hot-headed急躁的。此处指平时我不是脾气急躁的人,但那天我大发脾气。故选D

80.考查动词。A.started开始;B.added加;C.insisted坚持认为;D. doubted怀疑。回家后我开始告诉妻子我的故事,指遭遇小偷的故事,故选A







2016年徐汇一模初三完型填空16 改编】  When I was about 12, I had an enemy, a girl who l__1__ to point out my shortcomings. Week by week, her list grew: I was very thin, I wasn’t a good student, I talked too much, I was too proud, and so on. I tried to h__2__all this as long as I could. At last, I become very angry . I ran to my father with tears in my eyes.He listened to me quietly. Then he asked, ”Are the things she says true or not? Jane, didn’t you ever t__3___ about what you’re really like? Well, you now have that’s girl’s opinion. Go and make a list of everything she said and mark the points that are true. Pay no a____4___ to the other things she said.”

I did as he told me. To my surprise, I discovered that about half the things were true. Some of them I couldn’t change (like being very thin). But a good number I could---and suddenly I wanted to change. For the first time I got a clear p____5____of myself.I brought the list back to Daddy. He refused to take it. “That’s just for you,” he said, “You know better than anyone else the t____6___ about yourself . But you have to learn to listen, not just close your ears in anger and feel h__7___. When something said about you is true, you’ll find it will be of help to you. Our world is full of people who think they know your duty. Don’t shut your ears. Hear the truth and do what you know. It is the right thing to do.”

Daddy’s advice has returned to me at many important moments. In my life, I’ve never had a better piece of advice.

【答案】1.liked 2.hear 3.think 4.attention 5.picture 6.truth 7.hurt


  1. 根据上文提到的I had an enemy。我们可以推测后面说的是这个女孩喜欢说作者的不好的事情。

  2. 上文中提到的是说作者在知道这个女孩的习惯之后,故意想要尽可能的听到她说自己的事情,比如上文的I was very thin, I wasn’t a good student, I talked too much, I was too proud, and so on

  3. 后面出现介词about,我们可以推测说让作者想一想有没有做过这样的事情。

  4. 根据上文提到作者的父亲劝说作者需要不在意她说的事情,又出现了pay no这样的词。

  5. 此题考查的是固定搭配get a picture of,做的父亲希望的是作者可以更加清楚的看清自己。

  6. 本句话提到You know better than anyone else the, 我们可以推测到的是比别人更加了解事实和真相。

  7. 根据上下文,ears in anger我们可以推测这里说的后的feel感受到的是疼痛和痛苦。




  1. Answer the questions(根据以下内容回答问题)

    2018年长宁一模 改编Agatha Christie was one of the greatest British crime writers. She introduced the public to her literary character, the famous Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot in her crime novel in 1920. In total she wrote 66 detective novels and 14 short story collections, a billion copies of which have been sold in English. Her books have been translated into many different languages ,including Chinese.

        Each story she wrote involved a mystery that had to be solved, but perhaps the greatest mystery is where she went for those 11 days. At the time of the disappearance in 1926, she was 36 years old and married to Archibald Christie. Her mother had died in the beginning of that year and her husband had left her alone to deal with her mother’s death. So she was very lonely and it seemed as if she might not be coping well emotionally.

        In the middle of that year, her latest book was published and the book reviews loved it! Unluckily, soon after her book was published, her husband told her he was having an affair with a young man and was going away for the weekend to be with her. On Friday, the 3rd of December 1926, Agatha Christie kissed her daughter who was asleep upstairs and drove away from the house. Her car was later found abandoned(被遗弃的) on an empty road near a lake and so people began the search for the talented writer. It was 11days later before someone recognized Agatha at a spa hotel in Harrogate. She had been living there using another name all that time. On her return, she never said much about what had happened.

        Over the years, many people guessed why she disappeared. Some people said that she was upset with her husband and lost her memory as he was having an affair. A few people even thought that it was a publicity(宣传) trick to make sure that her newly-published book would sell well.

        To this day no one knows for sure what happened and why. While books and even a movie have been made about the mysterious 11 days, it would seem that even the great detective Hercule Poirot would not be able to solve this mystery!


    88. Who was Hercule Poirot?

    【答案】 A famous Belgian detective

    【分析】 由文中信息可知他是比利时著名的侦探。

    89. What factor do we know that Agatha’s books have been known to the world?

    【答案】 Her books have been translated into many different languages.


    90. Why did Agatha feel lonely in the beginning of 1926?

    【答案】 Because her mother had died in the beginning of that year and her husband had left her alone to deal with her mother’s death.


    91. What was the date when Agatha drove away from her home?

    【答案】 3rd of December 1926.


    92. People didn’t recognize Agatha when she had been at a spa hotel for 11days , did they?

    【答案】No, they didn’t

    93. Do you think Agatha’s missing was a publicity trick? Give your reason(s)!

    【答案】 I don’t thinks so, because her mother just died and she was sad and need some time alone.





VII. Writing

94. Write a passage of at least 60 words about the topic ”I want to thank          (以“我想谢谢       ”为题,写一篇至少60字的短文)。(注意:短文中不得出现考生的姓名,校名及其他相关信息,否则不予评分)


提示词语:grateful, encourage, happy, proud, important


I want to thank my parents

I think it's important for us to thank our parents. Since I was born, my parents have given me all their love and care, but never expect anything in return. They have brought me up and taken good care of me carefully and patiently.

Last year, I was chosen to take part in a speech competition. I felt very nervous. My parents tried hard to help me prepare for it. They encouraged me to be confident and told me not to care much about the result. They said the process of learning was more meaningful.

With their help, I did very well that time. I felt happy and proud. I'd like to say “Thank youmy parents! You're great! I will love you forever





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